NSS Research Reports

A number of research reports on the spatial functioning of Ireland were completed as part of the preparation of the National Spatial Strategy. The following reports are currently available for download:

The following reports are currently available for download:

Rural Resource Potential and Management Issues
Full report – 550KB   |   Executive Summary – 20KB

The Irish Urban System and its Dynamics
Full report – 3.38MB   |   Executive Summary – 14KB

Rural and Urban Roles
Full report – 311KB   |   Executive Summary – 14KB

Enterprise, Employment and Productivity Trends
Full report – 423KB

The Role of Dublin in Europe
Full report – 1.10MB

Rural Enterprise
Full report – 1.08MB   |   Executive Summary – 82KB

Transport Corridors in Europe
Full report – 1.51MB   |   Executive Summary – 14KB

Information Technology Infrastructure
Full report – 455KB   |   Executive Summary – 17KB

Coastal Zone Management
Full report – 540KB   |   Executive Summary – 18KB

Extensive and Intensive Rural Land Uses
Full report – 623KB   |   Executive Summary – 30KB

Irish Rural Structure and Gaeltacht Areas
Full report – 1.44MB   |   Summary and Implications for Policy – 1.44MB

Transport Demand
Full report – 1.36MB   |   Executive Summary – 13KB

Sustainable Travel Demand
Full report – 474KB   |   Executive Summary – 12KB

Transport and Regional Development
Full report – 474KB | Executive Summary – 12KB

Population, Labourforce and Housing Demand Projections
Full report – 474KB | Executive Summary – 12KB

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